The ASWOA an automobile collector club for anyone who loves station wagons. The club is open to all makes and models of wagonsand to anyone who is a fan of wagons, whether they own one or not. The club was founded in 1996 and currently has over 500 members around the US and in several foreign countries. Visit the Member’s Gallery to see photos of some member wagons. Also, check out our classified section for wagons and parts for sale. To join, sign up on our membership form. We will update the Web site each month to showcase a new wagon ad and video and to announce the club member of the month.
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The car club in the United States is alive and well and some are returning to the post recession membership numbers to serve the car collector in this great country. What a luxury it is to be able to have and restore and use antique cars in America today!
Car Club Impact
I attended cars show for ten years and was oblivious to a whole underworld of activity and intrigue. That is the car show version of the beauty contest, the awarding of plaques and awards to the owners of show cars.
Only when I stated producing car shows did the tremendous importance of this get through to me. I was now in charge of the rather fragile psyches of fifty grown men, and there are a lot more losers in these contests than winners. This shocking revelation that not all will win only seems to occur to these people as they do angry burnouts away from the show cursing my name hinting at post office worker type revenge on me the show judge.
I want to own a trophy shop
By Tom Kelly
There a number of afflictions that can affect the male species.
Two of the most common are the overactive attention to old cars and sports. Many of the people in our car club could very likely be classified as car nuts.
I also have many friends who are among the group of US males who love and obsess over sports. I have noticed that there is not of overlap in these two groups.
 I am obsessed with both and so I notice when there is a gap of interest in one of the areas of interest and discussion. I have noticed that most of my “car buddies” do not like or follow sports. Maybe that is ol Mother Nature kicking in to prevent time waste overload on her beloved male species, or maybe there is just so much free time available that can be frittered away on crazy fun stuff like this.
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Car Nuts VS Sports nuts
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Old cars are cool, if you respect them as they are -like old people.
Buying an old car is like taking an 80 year old man out for the evening. Slow down and listen and learn. Trying to make him act like a teenager would be crazy. But that is what some people do to old cars.
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